Fosters Fish & Chips



1995 If you'd have seen our first ever fish you'd never have visited us again. But we got the hang of it. And then it worked.

2005 10th anniversary - we decided to do fish & chips for £1 to celebrate 10 years. We weren't expecting a queue that stretched back 1/4 of a mile and ended up with a live report from Granada.

2010 - Second shop in Didsbury. We always wanted a second shop, and we always had Didsbury earmarked as our perfect site. We couldn't be any more thrilled to be bringing Fosters to Didbsury!

2011 - For our first birthday in Didsbury we decided to recreate the fish & chips for £1 deal. People queued for more than 3 hours and we were all over the national press!

2013 - Voted one of the top 10 fish & chip restaurants in the whole of the UK. Hurrah!

2014 - We said we were stopping at 2 and definitely not having a 3rd. Our 3rd shop will be opening in Bramhall in early June!